Company Name

Crown Holdings

Search Job Title

Director of Logistics

Client Profile

A well-established, multi-billion-dollar player in the packaging space.

Role Objectives & Challenges

Given the continued growth and evolution of the organization, the company was looking for someone to champion the outsourcing of the logistics function. This person would lay out the vision and execute on the strategy, which would involve heavy change management for the existing team members. Previously, the function had been fairly transactional and they were looking to this new hire to drive better long-term strategy and vision.

Our Approach to Solve the Search

We needed a candidate who had prior experience managing the logistics function for a global, high-volume, multi-site manufacturing environment and had also either transitioned or managed an outsourced logistics function. Additionally, we needed a strong people-leader who could help retain and develop talent through a significant upheaval in the department.

The Hire & Results

We identified a candidate who had previously worked at several global manufacturing companies and managed large, complicated logistics networks. Additionally, he had previously transitioned a company’s logistics function to an outsourced partner, so was well-versed in both the technical and culture challenges in doing so.