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SCM Talent’s Supply Chain Podcasts

Conversations with Supply Chain Professionals.

Insights to Advance Careers and Teams.

Leadership Advice from Supply Chain Executives.

SCM Talent Podcast Programs:

Supply Chain Careers Series

A podcast focused around interviewing various supply chain professionals and executives, diving deep into the different stages of their careers and what led to their success.

Supply Chain Leadership Series

A podcast tailored towards the executive audience highlighting some of the most sought after leadership tactics of successful supply chain leaders.

Some of Our Previous Podcast Guests:

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Latest Podcast Episodes:

Podcast: Launching Off the Career Springboard – with Brett Frankenberg, Coca-Cola Supply Chain Executive

June 20, 2022|

Supply Chain Careers podcast hosts, Rodney Apple and Chris Gaffney dive into conversation with Supply Chain Executive, Brett Frankenberg. Brett shares how he got started in supply chain through his curiosity about how things work in the physical operation side, but eventually was given an opportunity to get involved in higher-level enterprise systems.

Host: Rodney Apple

“The Supply Chain Talent Specalist”

  • 20+ years of end-to-end supply chain recruitment experience
  • 10+ years of leading all supply chain recruitment for 4 Fortune 500 Corporations that made the Garter Top 25 Supply Chains list – (Coca-Cola, Kimberly-Clark, Home Depot, Cummins)
    Supply Chain Career Coach for ASCM (formerly APICS) for 7 years

Host: Mike Ogle

“The Supply Chain Professor”

  • 10+ years as full-time faculty at three universities
  • 17+ years in industry as VP of Educational & Technical Services at MHI (“The Industry That Makes Supply Chains Work”) and Sr. Dir. of Research and Academic Engagement at APICS (now ASCM)

Host: Chris Gaffney

“The Supply Chain Executive”

  • Principal at ECG providing Supply Chain Services to the CPG Industry
  • 25 Years w/ Coca-Cola holding Supply Chain leadership roles:
    • VP of Global Strategic Supply Chain
    • President of Global Supply
    • SVP of Product Supply Systems
    • VP of Logistics for North America
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