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Recruitment Marketing Strategies that Attract Supply Chain Talent

Your company might have solid supply chain talent, but are your recruitment marketing strategies attracting the best possible workers? The truth is that the people in charge of a company’s supply chain can make or break a business's finances. Even paying upfront for a costlier, more experienced manager can save your company money in the long run -- and these results are proven. According to some reports, 79% of companies with high-performing supply chains have greater than average revenue growth and 15% lower supply chain costs. Optimized supply chains also come with cash-to-cash cycles that are three times faster. [...]

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Supply Chain Skills Employers Are Looking For

What Supply Chain Skills Do Employers Want? Students often ask what they can do to prepare themselves for supply chain employment opportunities such as internships, co-ops, or that first full-time job after graduation. Get started early! Focus on what employers want! This article will help you understand the types of skills supply chain employers are looking for today. It isn’t just about classwork learned technical competencies (known as the hard skills). There are many soft skills that can be demonstrated in your resume, your cover letter, and your communications. Of course, the most critical point to demonstrate the soft [...]

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