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Top 5 Tips For Optimizing Your Supply Chain Resume

What should you do to improve your supply chain resume? What works? I’ve evaluated thousands of resumes during my 30-year career and can provide some insight. There are several high-importance components to integrate into your operations management and supply chain resume to optimize its effectiveness. I believe these tips will help improve your job application to interview ratio and ultimately lead to you a much-improved job search result. As we exit the global pandemic, the economy is rebounding in much of the world and in most industry sectors. Combine that with huge issues in shipping, ports, product availability… the need [...]

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Build Your Brand – It’s More Than a Resume

What sources do you check out when you want to find out more about a person? It’s probably more than just one. Do you just think about their skills and capabilities, or are you also concerned with the way they behave and communicate? Again, it is a combination of a wide range of hard skills and soft skills. Employers typically think the same way, but most often it is centered on the resume because they have so many students to consider for positions. But it can be and should be so much more. Positions that really matter strongly to a [...]

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