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How to Land an Entry Level Supply Chain Job Coming Out of College

Graduating from college with a degree focused on supply chain is an exciting time full of anticipation--the prospects of getting a job and beginning to build a career and a life on your own. It’s what you have been working toward during college. But, how do you make it all happen? You may have questions about the process of looking for a job and what you need to do to land your first entry level supply chain job, whether it is in sourcing/purchasing, logistics/distribution, or production/manufacturing. In this article, we give you some advice on what employers are looking [...]

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Understanding Supply Chain Functions

Keeping SCOR: A Good Way to Understand Supply Chain Functions Supply chains can be incredibly complex networks of companies worldwide that are transforming raw materials into products you buy and use. Materials may come from other countries, processed in still other countries, then travel by ship to ports in your own country, where they are put on a combination of trains/trucks/vans to get to your local store to be picked up. Many steps. A high amount of travel. Typically a lot of time and expense involved for a large number of supply chain employees. For some companies, however, their supply [...]

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Why This Is a Great Time to be a Supply Chain Student

Why This Is a Great Time to be a Supply Chain Student This is a great time to be a student learning how to pursue a supply chain career. But why become a supply chain student? There are many reasons. How about 12 to start with. Everyone Is More Demanding Supply chain has become more in demand because you (all of us) are getting more demanding about the infinite variety of products you want in the sizes, colors, shapes, quantities, packaging, and payment plans that work for you, not the masses. Oh, and you want it now. Delivered. Or [...]

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