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Second Round Interview Questions | How to Answer

Now that you’ve completed the first interview screen and have been contacted regarding the next round, it’s time to prepare for the second round interview questions. The questions in the second round can be much more in-depth than the  first round interview questions.

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How to Prepare for a Job Interview

You Got an Interview! Now What? It's time to learn how to prepare for a job interview! Congratulations on landing an interview. Now it is time to prepare. Use the tips below to think about how to go through the process of how to prepare for a job interview, what to be aware of during an interview, and what to consider after the interview is over. The type of interview matters. There is a wide range of interview types to consider. As a student, this may be your first experience interviewing for a full-time job, whether it is for a [...]

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How to Accept or Decline a Job Offer

Congratulations on the job offer, possibly more than one. It is always possible to simply accept what the employer has offered and let them know you trust their ability to put together an offer that is fair to you both. That simple message can be the best choice when working with employers that have been working with your school for a long time and currently employ other students from your program. However, if there is little history with the company, the question about negotiation becomes uncertain. If you add in having multiple job offers, then you may have more flexibility [...]

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What to do During and After Your Interview

Like practice for a big game and the post-game film session, what you do during the interview is incredibly important, but it relies on good preparation. In the same way, after the interview, you are still making a strong impression that requires strong follow-up. Use the tips below to conduct the interview and have the kind of highly-valued follow-up that catches the employer’s attention. Preparation, Preparation. Prepare well in advance of the interview by having everything in place that you will need. Create a checklist for what you are wearing, the materials you need to have with you, how [...]

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