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Digital Networking Tactics For When You Can’t Network in Person

Throughout the pandemic crisis, the traditional methods for making new connections with other professionals, such as lunch meetings or attending supply chain events, went out the door. This in turn has made digital networking the new normal, and paramount for success as it relates to making new business connections or finding a new job. The good news is that with more people working home than ever before, your odds of getting through to those you’re reaching out to greatly improves, as people tend to be more accessible working from home as opposed to working in distracting office environments. Here [...]

By |October 26, 2020|

3 Part Webinar Series – Obtain the Supply Chain Job You Deserve: Pandemic-era Job Search Strategies

  PART 3: Interview and Offer Negotiation Webinar! Presented by ASCM Career Coach and SCM Talent Group President Rodney Apple WATCH RECAP HERE           PART 2: Job Search & Networking Strategies Webinar!  Presented by ASCM Career Coach and SCM Talent Group President Rodney Apple WATCH RECAP HERE           PART 1: Resume and Linkedin Optimization Webinar!  Presented by ASCM Career Coach and SCM Talent Group President Rodney Apple WATCH RECAP HERE       Meet Rodney Apple: Rodney Apple is the founder [...]

By |May 21, 2020|

Supply Chain Resume Writing & LinkedIn Profile Optimization Services (NEW)

Tired of submitting countless resumes for job applications and not receiving any feedback other than the canned “thanks, but no thanks” canned auto-response? How confident are you that your LinkedIn profile is well-positioned to attract supply chain recruiters and hiring managers? As we continue to navigate through these uncertain times due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many supply chain professionals have reached out to us for support, with some in job search mode for the first time in years, seeking expert advice with optimizing their resume and LinkedIn profile. To help, we’re excited to launch a new service offering: “Resume Writing [...]

By |April 8, 2020|

Elevator Pitch Tactics for Supply Chain Professionals

From your local coffee shop to a networking happy hour to meeting your significant other’s friends for the first time, typically the first thing people ask is “So what do you do for a living?”  In the early 2000s, responding with “I work in Supply Chain” gave most people the “deer in the headlights” look.  Today, while the supply chain discipline is more widely known, it’s still important to quickly and effectively be able to articulate what you do and the value you bring within your organization in layman's terms.   It’s always important to have a quick 30-60 second elevator [...]

By |January 29, 2020|

Attract Supply Chain Employers By Optimizing Your Social Media Profiles

In today’s technologically advanced world, many recruiters spend as much time searching social media platforms like LinkedIn as they do utilize job boards like Monster and CareerBuilder to find qualified individuals for their supply chain job openings. You can attract supply chain employers through optimizing your social media profiles. Having a strong presence on as many platforms as possible will increase your chances of being discovered on a supply chain recruiter’s next search. When using Social Media for professional networking, it’s important to represent yourself with a consistent “brand.” Before you get started with optimizing your profile, here a few [...]

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7 Steps to Engage The Right Mentor & Advance Your Supply Chain Career (INFOGRAPHIC)

Looking to advance your supply chain career? Perhaps you’re seeking to sharpen up your leadership skills in efforts to advance into an executive leadership role? Having a mentor throughout your supply chain career can truly provide insight and leadership development for both the mentee and mentor. I’ve kept track of many of the 1,000+ supply chain professionals that I’ve placed in the last two decades and the most successful of the group have used mentors and served as a mentor.  The best mentor for you might not be your coworker down the hall, but could be an experienced professional from [...]

Webinar: Top LinkedIn Profile Tips for Supply Chain Professionals

Is your LinkedIn profile working for you? How confident are you that your profile is well positioned to attract supply chain recruiters and hiring managers? No need to panic, as SCM Talent Group has your back! This webinar presented by both Rodney Apple, President of SCM Talent Group and APICS Career Coach and Scott Singer, President of Insider Career Strategies, discusses top LinkedIn profile tips for Supply Chain Professionals.  Covered topics include: How supply chain recruiters & hiring managers look at your LinkedIn profile Top profile optimization tips to get noticed on LinkedIn from Certified Professional Resume Writer [...]

By |July 19, 2017|

SCM Talent Group Named a Top Supply Chain Blog

SCM Talent Group’s Blog was recently recognized on the Top 75 Supply Chain Blogs & Websites for Supply Chain Professionals created by Feedspot, a blog aggregation website. Landing at #26 on Feedspot's blog list and authored by SCM Talent Group President Rodney Apple, the blog showcases best practices in supply chain recruiting, hiring, interviewing, job search strategies, resume optimization and related topics. Feedspot thoroughly reviewed of thousands of blogs and websites in order to generate the list. The finalists were compiled based on Google reputation, influence on social media, quality of posts, and an expert review by Feedspot’s team. A [...]

By |June 14, 2017|

APICS Extra Live Webinar: LinkedIn Profile Optimization Tips for Supply Chain Management Professionals

In early 2017, SCM Talent Group Founder Rodney Apple, who serves as the current APICS Career Coach, joined the APICS magazine staff as author for the newly created Professional Development department. With this new role, he will be presenting in his first APICS Extra Live Webinar titled "LinkedIn Profile Optimization Tips for Supply Chain Management Professionals". APICS Extra Live webinars are designed to provide additional insight and information about recent articles from APICS magazine. Date: April 20th, 2017 Time: 1:00 pm CT (2:00 pm ET) Be sure to check out Rodney’s APICS Magazine article “Simple Steps for Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile” before the [...]

By |March 28, 2017|

The Keys to a Successful Supply Chain Job Search Campaign

Looking to launch a new supply chain job search? Don’t know where to start? Feeling lost, overwhelmed and unsure? A job search, like anything else in life that you’re striving to achieve, begins with creating and writing down your goals, developing corresponding action steps, tracking your results, and adjusting your action plan along the way. Treat your job search like a major project where your role is the Project Manager. In developing this plan, one great approach is to create a Job Search Tracking Template in Microsoft Excel, Google Docs, or a platform of your choice. Using this type of [...]

By |June 29, 2016|
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