Chris Gaffney Supply Chain Leadership Podcast

Leadership Podcast Series Ep 4: Personal Productivity

By Published On: September 8, 2022

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Host: Chris Gaffney

Co-Hosts: Mike Ogle and Rodney Apple

In this Episode:

Hear about the top ways for leaders to work on their own Personal Productivity and how to work with their teams on getting better at getting stuff done. People who get a reputation for getting things done advance and lead teams to do even more. But maybe you feel like you take on too much or that too many things get in your way of making progress on promised items. This episode contains helpful advice for recognizing the symptoms of over-commitment or the lack of reliable systems to get promised work done, plus how to develop ways of managing your to-do list and the onslaught of requests for more and more. Supply chain brings lots of daily surprises and learning how to effectively manage the whirlwind is a critical skill for leaders. Tame your inbox, your calendar, and meetings, plus actually block out time on your schedule for personal and professional growth to become a more complete and more satisfied leader of others.

What is the Supply Chain Careers Leadership Series?

The Supply Chain Careers Leadership series expands its previous content format into a more in-depth focus on leadership development. This program is a series of 10+ episodes that are hosted by our very own supply chain executive, Chris Gaffney. These episodes explore subject matter and topics that relate to excelling as a leader in the business world, much of which Chris has gleaned as VP of Supply Chain at Coca-Cola. Familiar faces and fellow supply chain leaders, Rodney Apple and Mike Ogle chime in with their experience and knowledge, all of which can be used by supply chain leaders to develop and advance their careers.

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Who is Chris Gaffney?

  • Principal at ECG providing Supply Chain Services to the CPG Industry
  • 25 Years w/ Coca-Cola holding Supply Chain leadership roles:
    • VP of Global Strategic Supply Chain
    • President of Global Supply
    • SVP of Product Supply Systems
    • VP of Logistics for North America