Top 3 Podcast Episodes & Articles from 2021

By Published On: January 13, 2022

Happy 2022, everyone! Below are the top 3 podcasts and articles from our first year in business! Feel free to revisit these gems and consult the treasure trove of career advancement tips and resources in our Content Hub. Thanks for making 2021 a huge success! Stay tuned for lots more exciting developments from our team and our content hub!

Podcast Episodes:

1. Erich Wachendorf – Senior Vice President, Macy’s Supply Chain

Erich shares his career journey from the leadership lessons he learned while being a supply officer in the Marines to his first civilian supply chain position in operations at Target, to working on facility startups at Lowe’s, to regional distribution operations for McKesson, to his current position as Sr Vice President of Supply Chain at Macy’s. Erich talks with us about leadership, mentoring, how he sees supply chain careers changing, and his advice for professionals in the industry.

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2. Steve Harrington – Industry Liaison – National Center for Supply Chain Automation

Steve Harrington shares his supply chain career journey, starting from working on the warehouse floor to working his way up into leadership, then to establishing a Southern California Logistics Industry Association. Steve talks about the evolution of automation and the forces creating a need for supply chain technicians. Steve also talks about volunteering, connecting people, and how supply chain leaders are working with community colleges and technical schools around the country to create sustainable talent supply chains.

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3. Michigan State University Supply Chain Department – Judy Whipple and Kelly Lynch

We talk with Dr. Judith Whipple and Mr. Kelly Lynch of Michigan State University as they share their insights and advice about how to develop students and work with the supply chain industry. They provide their thoughts about how the industry can best engage with students, faculty, and staff. They also provide advice to students about how to be successful throughout their university experiences, building strong lifelong networks.

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Top 3 Supply Chain Careers Articles in 2021:

1. Supply Chain Management Careers – Overview of Career Options

This blog explores the expansive and diverse range of disciplines in the world of Supply Chain Careers. 

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2. Top Supply Chain Certifications, Certificates, and Other Credentials

As with any career, continuing education is a critical element for success. Obtaining certifications, certificates, degrees, licenses, and other credentials increase your knowledge and add evidence to your skills. 

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3. First Round Interview Questions | How to Answer

At SCM Talent Group , we hear all sorts of anecdotes about the candidate interview experience. We also provide resources to prepare candidates and applicants for the supply chain interview process, including what sorts of questions to expect. Below are some of the most common first round interview questions and our insights on how to best answer them. 

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Learn How To Land Your Next Supply Chain Job:

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