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10 Common Interview Mistakes to Avoid

When it comes to interviewing within the supply chain discipline, in person or over the phone or video the competition can be fierce, and the last thing you want to do is to be ruled out of a job you are qualified for because of simple interview mistakes. While I’ve covered supply chain interviewing tips in the past, here’s a list of the most common supply chain interview mistakes I’ve seen candidates make that can negatively influence the hiring manager’s decision. Badmouthing Former Employers Criticizing a former employer, manager, or peers will only make you look bad. You will [...]

How to Transition Military Supply Chain Skills into the Civilian Sector

The transition for military candidates into civilian jobs can be an arduous process. Luckily, there are plenty of great resources available to assist with learning the civilian lingo and translating one’s military supply chain experience into the civilian sector. Included below are some tips and specialized resources to assist with learning the civilian supply chain lingo and shortening the transition from a career in the military to a civilian supply chain career. Network with Ex-Military Supply Chain Professionals A great tactic is to connect with civilian supply chain professionals who have served in the military before. Utilize online resources [...]

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7 Steps to Engage The Right Mentor & Advance Your Supply Chain Career (INFOGRAPHIC)

Looking to advance your supply chain career? Perhaps you’re seeking to sharpen up your leadership skills in efforts to advance into an executive leadership role? Having a mentor throughout your supply chain career can truly provide insight and leadership development for both the mentee and mentor. I’ve kept track of many of the 1,000+ supply chain professionals that I’ve placed in the last two decades and the most successful of the group have used mentors and served as a mentor.  The best mentor for you might not be your coworker down the hall, but could be an experienced professional from [...]

Breaking into a Supply Chain Management Career

Supply chains are a key element to economic growth and stability around the globe. A career as a supply chain manager requires a detailed-oriented vision and a holistic understanding of the process that takes products from raw materials to a finished product. Within the field of supply chain management, there are numerous disciplines. In the modern workforce, there are not enough people to fill the positions within these disciplines. Finding qualified candidates has become an issue given the tight labor market, the retirement of the baby boomer generation supply chain management workers, and the fact that recruiting firms are [...]

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